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1300 CYKLOP (1300 295 567)
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1300 CYKLOP(1300 295 567)
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1300 CYKLOP(1300 295 567)

History Of Cyklop


Innovation by tradition

It all began in 1912 with an idea, courage and a pioneering spirit, resulting in Emil Hoffman founding Cyklop, in Cologne, Germany. The dynamic founder then developed a new idea of system sales to be applied quickly and surprised the professionals with innovative inventions. Like the "Gloria" seal, the patented sleeve seal, or the revolutionary combination tool for tensioning and sealing were invented by Cyklop in the 1920,s. This quickly earned the company an excellent reputation as experts and market leaders in this field.


Cyklop Packaging Systems Pty Ltd commenced operations in 1985 as Secura Handling Systems Pty Ltd with a customer oriented philosophy that continues to this day. The founders of Secura Handling Systems have retired from day to day activities and Cyklop International, based in Cologne, Germany, acquired Secura in late 2001

Automated equipment  (photo 1) Hand tools PET (photo 2)

Our specialty covers all aspects related to the Strapping Industry and the Management and Sales staff has over 108 years of accumulated experience in this Industry. The company complies with the Australian and New Zealand Quality Assurance Standard 9002-1994 for production, installation and servicing.

Cyklop Packaging Systems Pty. Ltd. offers an extensive range of strapping equipment, from simple hand tools to fully automatic custom designed and manufactured machines, to suit a wide range of applications. We support these installations with factory trained service technicians and an extensive stock holding of spare parts.

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Cyklop Packaging Systems has established an ethical and reliable reputation in the market and with warehouses in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne; we continue to offer a well known range of branded products of excellent quality. The Cyklop range is renowned throughout the world for innovative design and reliable performance.

More than 400 patents in the course of the history of the company, allow the company to be at the forefront of design and innovation. Thanks to its universal solutions, innovative products and optimal production quality, Today Cyklop is one of the leading suppliers of systems for load securement.