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Elastic cord: Cylastic

Elastic cord: Cylastic

Bundle without damaging

Especially for small and pressure-sensitive products the best choice is usually to bundle them using elastic cord.

The use of Cylastic elastic cord on the Cyklop binding machines ensures a firm bundle without damaging the product. The minimal bundle diameter/ thickness is 7mm.
With elastic cord the Cyklop tying machine EMT-AXRO is mainly suitable for bundling various products, like (cut) flowers, bouquets, leeks, profiles, laths of wood, small sized printed matters and numerous semi-manufactured products. Also bundling products for internal transport and temporary storage, elastic cord is a justified and economical method.
Cylastic is the best and most effective elastic cord for all your automatic equipment. This elastic cord is selected on its quality which is controlled by hi-tech test-equipment. Cylastic has the declaration of the Austrian Öko-Tex Standard 100 Product class II which means that the product can be in contact with skin.
Heavy products?
Whenever heavy products need to be bundled with an elastic material, Cylastic 3K is the perfect solution. Three rubber cores ensure a high tensile strength, while the advantages of an elastic bundling material remain.

Food sector
If Food Grade Quality elastic string requires, Cylastic BPL-food is the solution. This product has a refined rubber surrounded by a unbleached cotton or polyester spin.

Life time rubber
UL-light shorten the life time of the natural rubber core. Long stay periods in temperatures of -20°C up to +30°C is no problem. In freezing condition the material could break due to the fact that natural rubber does not elongate in these conditions.
Model: Cylastic
Product size: Variable
Strenght: +++
Suitable for food:
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