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Top model turn table wrapper: CTT 300

Top model turn table wrapper: CTT 300

The best price per pallet

The differences in degree of automation is based on many years of experience. Together with the equipment options and the many possible options, they offer the best solution for all requirements. The new series of stretch wrappers offer a high degree of efficiency. This feature guarantees not only a good securement of the load, but also a minimum on material costs,  that is a low consumption on stretch film. The CTT 300 offers the ability to arrange the wrap process as you want.
CTT 300
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Easy handling

• The folding mast and the recesses for transporting on a fork-lift truck simplify delivery and internal relocation
• The control system is easy to understand and user-friendly
• The film can be changed quickly and easily
• Package height is detected automatically
• The rotary turntable is low so inward transport of pallets is easy


• Stretch can be set from 6-300% by means of a variable 7-stage gearing (patented, Ecostretch)
• The pre-stretch selected remains constant. This guarantees consistent film consumption, load after load
• Six different film carriage speeds allow different film overlaps
• The adjustable tension makes it possible to stretch-wrap  even critical products securely and stably.

Uniform packaging results owing to variable setting options of the CTT 300

• Offers the optimum packaging for a wide range of loads
• Application voltage is regulated automatically so film tension round the load is uniform.
• Several standard programs are available, e.g. film carriage stops in order to apply a cover sheet (manually) to protect against moisture
• In addition, there are another 2 optional programs available for special applications.
The CTT 300 we can use it for
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Model: CTT 300
Range: High end
Height: 2600 - 3200 mm
System: Turntable
Shelf system: Power Ecostretch Plus (400%)